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A journey of self discovery, education and growth for Perimenopausal women

Moon to Moon Retreat 

Perimenopause is a Time of Transition and Growth

As a Naturopathic Doctor and Homebirth Midwife I have had the honor of helping hundreds of mothers through the childbirth process and thousands of women through the transition of Menopause. Of the two transitions, one has been historically cherished and one has been shrouded in fear and mystery. When a woman is pregnant, she attends several prenatal visits, childbirth classes and postpartum visits yet there is no such guidance offered for women going through Menopause and as a result, women often feel alone and scared of what lies ahead of them.
This retreat offers an opportunity to empower Perimenopausal women with information about the body and its several changes and how to support it gracefully with natural therapies so that she can come out the other side feeling stronger and more resilient than when she started.

What If ...

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with a roller coaster of emotions, insomnia and fatigue, you were empowered with  the knowledge of the changes that were taking place in your body and natural therapies to support and nourish your body so that you could feel grounded, energetic and clear?

An opportunity to release what doesn't serve you and bring more of what you envision into this next phase of your life

How Do I Know This Experience Is For Me?

   You are a a woman noticing hormonal changes

   You want to know how to support your body, mind and spirit with natural therapies

   You want to go into this next phase of your life feeling grounded and supported

What Will I Gain From This Experience? 

   The basics of hormones and how they affects your physiology 

   Understanding the lunar cycle and the energy of each phase of the moon so that it can support you 

   An evaluation of your individual hormone profile with Dr April Blake 

   Natural therapies to help reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia and fatigue

   An opportunity to release what doesn't serve you and imagine the future of your dreams

   Connection with other women going through this transition 



Friday, April 14th to Monday, April 17th 2023

What is included: 


4 days, 3 nights all inclusive accommodations at the Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages


3 nutritious, organic & delicious meals on each full day of the retreat and 1 meal on the day arrive (dinner) and depart (breakfast) 

Access to wood fired hot tub

Teachings on natural therapies to you use in your daily life: amino acids, nutrients, herbal therapies

Individualized hormone testing & interpretation with Dr April Blake

Individual energy balancing session with Bi - Aura expert, Lorna Hendry

Investment: £1995

Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages 

Glen Dye is a private estate of around 15,000 acres, surrounded by wilderness forest and moorland on the banks of the River Dye.


The location is fabled; watched over by the massive granite tor of Clachnaben and at the northern end of the Cairn o Mount mountain pass.


This is where the Howe of the Mearns finally gives in to the Highland boundary fault; wild, beautiful and very, very quiet.

Mountainous Region

Moon to Moon Agenda

The retreat begins at 6pm, April 14th and ends with a farewell breakfast, Monday, April 17th


Friday, April 14th, New Moon

4pm Arrival

6pm Dinner with Intention Setting

8pm Cacao Ceremony

Saturday, April 15th, First Quarter Moon 

9am Breakfast

10am Learning about Hormones with Dr April Blake

12pm Lunch

2pm Supporting Mood with Natural Therapies

4pm Free Time 

6pm Dinner 

8pm Wood Fired Hot Tub /Free Time

Sunday, April 16th, Full Moon

9am Breakfast

10am Herbal & Nutrient Therapies to Support Energy & Sleep

12pm Lunch

2pm Individual Hormone Evaluation & Interpretation with Dr April Blake & Bi Aura Energy Sessions with Lorna Hendry

4pm Free Time

6pm Dinner

8pm Wood Fired Hot Tub/Free Time

Monday, April 17th, Last Quarter Moon 

9am Breakfast + Farewell

Call for further information


Email with any questions 


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