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Dr April Blake ND LM banner for speaking at the Global Woman's Summit in London 2023

"The Magic of Menopause"
Speaker at 2023
Global Woman
Summit, London

In July 2023, I had the incredible honor of being a featured speaker at the renowned Global Woman Summit, where I delivered my talk entitled "The Magic of Menopause." This event brought together more than 300 women, each a distinguished expert in her respective field. I was awed and honored to be part of this remarkable gathering, which was filled with insights, wisdom, and inspiration.

The summit provided me a platform to begin to re-educate the women of the world concerning their views of perimenopause and menopause, as the dialogue around these topics has come directly and predominantly from male scientists. It's essential to acknowledge that the conversation surrounding these matters has primarily been shaped through a historical context that - to put it mildly - does not fully capture the multifaceted experiences of women. As we move forward as a culture, I want to lead a more inclusive exchange that draws on the experiences of diverse perspectives. How better to understand and address these transformative life stages than by listening to the stories of the women who experience them?

You can watch the video of my talk below.

Being in the company of such exceptional women was undeniably inspiring, and speaking in front of them was incredibly humbling. I truly valued the opportunity to contribute to this vital conversation. The event reinforced the incredible strength of women's voices and deepened our shared commitment to supporting and uplifting one another. I am profoundly grateful for the privilege to have spoken at the Global Women's Summit and for the connections forged with extraordinary women from around the globe.


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