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BEMER brand PEMF mat


Read below for frequently asked questions regarding our PEMF (Pulsing Electro Magnetic Field) therapy, what a typical session is like, and how to set up a booking. Email us if you would like to schedule something outside of regular business hours or if you have any questions.

How does the BEMER mat work?

"BEMER" is the brand of mat we have, and PEMF is the name of the therapy.  BEMER mats work by utilizing PEMF technology, which sends magnetic energy waves into the body, boosting overall well-being by stimulating cell function and optimizing inter-cell communication, toxin release, and nutrient absorption. These mats use magnets to generate low pulses of electromagnetic fields that penetrate deep into muscle, tissue, and bone, re-energizing cell membranes. This process enhances circulation, oxygen levels, and the release of neurotransmitters like endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine, crucial for mood, pain relief, and overall vitality. With just 15 minutes of daily use, BEMER mats promote pain and inflammation reduction, improved circulation and immune function, and accelerated tissue repair, addressing various health issues affected by electrosmog in modern society.

Will I feel anything while having a PEMF session?

No, probably not at first. This isn't a massage mat: there are fields of electromagnetic energy pulsing underneath you, and only the most sensitive will feel anything at the lowest level. At higher levels, many people report feeling a gentle pulsing or tingling sensation while using a BEMER mat. This sensation is typically due to the electromagnetic field stimulating blood flow and cell function within the body. However, not everyone may experience a noticeable sensation, as individual sensitivity varies.​

What are the benefits of combining the BEMER mat with an infrared sauna session or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Combining PEMF therapy with an infrared sauna or hyperbaric oxygen therapy can offer synergistic benefits for overall well-being. PEMF therapy enhances cellular function and circulation, which can amplify the effects of infrared sauna sessions or hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The increased circulation and cellular oxygenation from PEMF therapy can complement the detoxification and relaxation benefits of infrared saunas, while also enhancing the oxygen delivery and tissue repair potential of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Overall, this combination may promote faster recovery, improved immune function, and enhanced overall health and vitality.
Read this article from the Mayo Clinic about the benefits of using an infrared sauna.

What should I bring, or what do you provide, for a BEMER session in Edinburgh?

We provide a glass of water (or, when available, a glass of Electrolyte Synergy) before the treatment, since hydration is very important for the therapy's efficacy. 

Besides that, nothing is required! We as you take off your shoes and any jewelry that is constrictive, but the treatment is carried out with you fully clothed.
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