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Infrared Sauna

Read below for frequently asked questions regarding our sauna, what a typical session is like, and how to set up a booking. Email us if you would like to schedule something outside of regular business hours or if you have any questions.

Can I buy a "package" of Infrared Sauna sessions for a discount?

Yes! Click here for a 1-month (20 session) package:

Click here for a 6-session package:

How does the infrared sauna work?

Our Sunlighten Series II infrared sauna uses infrared to generate heat that directly warms your body without heating the surrounding air. This penetrating heat provides a deeper level of relaxation, helps with detoxification, boosts circulation, and provides relief for muscle aches and joint pain.

Does Infrared give people tans, or sunburns?

No, this should be considered more as infrared "heat" as opposed to "light." There is zero chance you'll get a tan or sunburn, and it is safe for people with sensitive skin.

What are the benefits of using the infrared sauna?

Using the infrared sauna in our Edinburgh clinic can offer a range of benefits, including improved skin health, stress reduction, enhanced immune function, increased metabolism, and detoxification. It can also support pain relief, relaxation, and overall well-being.
Read this article from the Mayo Clinic about the benefits of using an infrared sauna.

What should I bring, or what do you provide, for an Infrared Sauna Session in Edinburgh?

We provide a glass of water (or, when available, a glass of Electrolyte Synergy) before the treatment, since hydration is very important for the therapy's efficacy. We also provide a cotton towel. If you feel like you may need a second towel, please feel free to request one before the start of the treatment.

If you signed up for the Detox Special, you will first use the PEMF mat, and for this you can be fully clothed, but no shoes are allowed on the table and you should wear nothing constricting. After the PEMF treatment, you will transition into the Infrared Sauna. The sauna is about 54 C (130 F) and you should wear whatever will make you comfortable in that environment; some people wear a swimming costume, others prefer to be nude.

There is no shower here at Solstice Centre to use after your infrared sauna: the healing qualities of the infrared sauna linger as your core temperature is raised, and a cold shower counter-acts the desired effects. After you are done with your infrared sauna, just towel off and go about your day.
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