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Moon to Moon
A card deck for inspiration & positivity

This positivity-forward deck of cards was inspired by my class teaching young women about their natural cycles; it has since grown into a 40-card deck & booklet, words & concept by me, Dr. April Blake, and with lovely illustrations by Viki Lester. Each of the cards depicts a different animal, mineral, plant, or moon phase, along with a simple, positive phrase; the corresponding booklet contains a short description and words of encouragement.

"Each one of us has a unique purpose in this life, and all of these cards will help you manifest your dreams, remove obstacles in your path, and deepen your connection to the beautiful universe around and within each of us to help you create a life of joy, wealth, and abundance."

See sample cards below...

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New Moon

I am Intention

This is a good time to start fresh with new and creative projects. Achieving any goal has to begin by taking that first step, and the New Moon is the perfect time! This is also when you need to take care of yourself: make space in your schedule to take an epsom salt bath, schedule a massage, or treat yourself to a scrub. Likewise, it is important to clean your home. In many ways, your home is your foundation for your life. Now is the time to air it out and get the energy refreshed and renewed for the month ahead.

Red Fox

I am Creativity

Moon Message: Fox is able to blend into its surroundings with grace and ease. If Fox has come to you, this can mean that you can rely on the ability to weave your creativity and imagination into your life to create the best outcome. Take time to journal about what it is you want to create, or dedicate some time to thinking about what you wish to manifest, as Fox is reminding you that you are a powerful creative being.

Red Fox.JPG
Hawthorne moon to moon card.JPG


I am Beauty

Hawthorne heals the heart. Its berries and leaves contain high amounts of flavonoids that help dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow to the heart. With increased blood flow comes increased energy, strength, and beauty. Hawthorne comes to rejuvenate you from your core. So take a moment, be present, and allow yourself time to restore.


I am Kindness

Celestite gets its name from the light blue color of the heavens, and invites you to be gentle and kind to yourself and all that is around you. Being kind and loving connects you with the cosmos and your unique place within it. When you are feeling aimless in this world and distant from your surroundings, call on Celestite to help you remember that your inner being is calm, peaceful, kind, and in harmony with the universe.

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