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Biohacking Sleep.

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I normally shy away from buzz-words, but this one has traction. If you've adjusted your diet or taken supplements for health benefits, you are already familiar with the concept of “biohacking:” a buzzword for using natural tools to enhance your well-being. When it comes to sleep, certain techniques will help you achieve deeper, more restorative rest, improving both the duration and quality of your sleep.

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Alternative Sleep Care

Here at Solstice Wellness, I specialize in integrative and individualized approaches to helping my patients through functional medicine. In this case, I want to write a quick blog about biohacking sleep. Since quality sleep is a crucial part of anyone's health journey, I encourage people to use our infrared sauna and magnetic field mat (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) in weekly sessions to help with sleep optimization. Both help with reducing inflammation and increasing healthy circulation within the body, and the infrared sauna also helps with promoting the release of endorphins, relieving pain and tension in the body. The magnetic field mat specifically helps break up clogs in

microcirculation and encourages your body's own circadian rhythm, similar to the benefits of exercise.

Three bottles of ZEN supplement bottle by Allergy Research Group with vitamin B6, Magnesium Citrate, and L-Theanine. Used to support healthy sleep patterns.
Zen supplement by Allergy Research Group

In addition to these tools, sleep supplements and natural sleep aids like "Zen" by Allergy Research Group, which includes vitamin B6, Magnesium Citrate, and L-Theanine, can help with insomnia. Melatonin can also be a part of your sleep strategy. However, if you're using caffeine to boost yourself all day and alcohol to bring yourself back down at night, all the supplements in the world won't help. Also, it's essential to avoid blue light from electronic devices before bed: don’t trick your brain into thinking it's noon right as you’re winding down.

Biohacking sleep is also about creating gentle habits at bedtime. Assist your brain in flushing itself with cerebrospinal fluid by staying hydrated and keeping a glass of water next to your bed when you sleep. Journaling before bed will help alleviate mental clutter, and reading a fun and light book lets you relax and unwind.

Remember, biohacking should be an individualized approach; it requires self-experimentation and monitoring to determine what works best for your unique body and needs. Every human is different, and some need more assistance than others! If you're looking to improve your sleep and overall well-being, Solstice Wellness can help you on your journey.

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