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Happy Ostara! Embracing the Wheel of the Year at Solstice Wellness

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

A painting of a red fox on black background, from the inspirational Moon to Moon Oracle Deck by April Blake from Solstice Wellness, a functional medicine centre..
Red Fox card, from Moon to Moon Oracle Deck

As 2023 advances, we’ve been admiring the Wheel of the Year here at Solstice Wellness, partly due to our namesake, but also because the more we look into it, the more it so perfectly encapsulates our experience through the year.

Take, for example, Imbolc: the “spoke on the wheel” that is signified by February 1st. Imbolc has links to an Old Irish word referring to a ritual cleansing. After a long winter, spring cleaning has developed into a need around our household that surpasses tradition or habit, especially with two children, a dog, and a blissfully unaware husband. While “ritualistic cleansing” may seem a little heavy-handed, there is much to be said for clearing out the clutter – re-gifting or donating unwanted goods that are anchors more than sails – and for taking a moment to really deep-clean parts of our space that have been neglected for so long.

I feel as though the cleaning itself holds a kind of magic: to finally wash away that layer of stubborn dust that has been lingering since Autumn can make space for new, Spring-like energy to come into our lives. While cleaning away the cobwebs and welcoming the fresh Spring breeze, I try to remain mindful of my goals. It’s meditative. Almost like an invocation, I set my intentions for the year ahead.

What better way to bring us into Ostara! The Spring Equinox; the return of life; literal rebirth. While there is never a wrong time to start moving toward your goals, the spring equinox must be one of the best. One of my favorite Ostara traditions is planting seeds, whether it be inside or outside (though we needn't talk about the survival rates of my houseplants). Incorporate seed planting with another Ostara tradition: Nature walks! And if you do a little rogue, local wildflower seed planting, I’m sure the bees will be eternally grateful.

So Happy Spring Equinox! Welcome to sun! Use the magic of intention-setting to plant your seeds today that you’ll harvest later in the year. Honor your home by cleaning, tidying up, and donating unwanted items. Throughout it all, set goals; for the real magic lies in manifesting our ideal future.

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Graham Blake
Graham Blake
31 mar 2023

I love reading about ancient traditions still being ised in modern times!

Mi piace
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