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Retreat to Move Forward

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

When I decided to attend my first retreat, I was in my early 40s. That one choice cascaded multiple “firsts”: the first time I took a vacation without my family; the first time I did something purely for myself; the first time I took control of my own future; the first time I started taking my adult health & wellbeing seriously.

Looking back, I’m not sure what I expected from it. I knew it was an investment in time and money, with the desired return being a betterment of my health and a fuller understanding of my business’ place in the health community. With equal parts nervousness and excitement I boarded the plane, and spent the next ten days in an exotic location, breaking through self-imposed obstacles I hadn’t known were there. I was with other people – professional women – who were at various stages of the same life-journey. We each made progress in our individual lives, but we did it together: helping each other through the rough

Painting of crystals, flowers, and herbs around a full moon; reverse side of Moon to Moon cards
Reverse side of a Moon to Moon oracle card

patches and enjoying the small victories over cups of tea or glasses of wine.

Sometimes I think that’s what most of us need: Time set aside for ourselves, in a place that is conducive to healing & self reflection, surrounded by supportive professionals. Easier said than done, but it won’t ever happen unless you make it so: the first real obstacle we have to face is the willingness to invest in ourselves. As women, we often take on multiple roles and responsibilities, from caring for our families to managing our careers. As some of us approach perimenopause, these demands can feel even more overwhelming, as our bodies are changing in new and unpredictable ways. It's easy to put our own needs on the backburner, but taking time for ourselves is crucial to maintaining our health and well-being. Retreats can provide the perfect opportunity to hit the reset button, to recharge, and focus on our own needs and goals. Surrounded by a support network and like-minded women, we can explore new practices and gain insights into our new bodies and their place in the future.

The retreats I offer will always be enjoyable and informative. I want to teach my fellow women important lessons, in beautiful locations, punctuated by self-care and local excursions. I know it requires a lot of effort in this day and age to set aside time and resources to take care of yourself, but it has to be done: your health and wellbeing can’t be one of the things you put on the back burner!

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