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“Fatigue to Vibrant Living” is a free 30 minute introductory consultation.
Are you ready to discover what's holding you back from being healthy and feeling vital?
I invite you to book a free 30 minute consultation where you will get: 
  • Get an understanding about what is holding you back from being healthy; 

  • Set goals about what you want instead;

  • My top recommendation for your main health issue

This is an introductory PHONE or VIDEO to get to know Dr April Blake ND, LM and the services she provides as well as gathering information about your health challenges to understand if working with Dr. Blake will be a good fit.


1. Select Dropdown and pick

April Blake 

2. Scroll to book your 'Fatigue to Vibrant Living' phone or video session.

Free Consultations are by phone or video chat. 

PHONE:  07485143085


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